Location: Namibia

Total Area: 5,133 sq km

Population: 325,858

Best time to visit: May and December

Popularity rating:


Namibia’s capital city is located on a higher plateau in the centre of the country and is the commercial, industrial and financial hub of the country. The city is home to several monuments from the German colonial era, and the more recent additions following independence in 1990. Points of interest include the Tintenpalast (seat of parliament), Reiterdenkmal, Christuskirche, old fort and a few museums and local markets of interest.

Tours visiting

Cape Town
The Cape Town and Garden Route Budget Adventure
Cape Town, Garden Route, Johannesburg, Kruger National Park & Botswana Photo Safari
Victoria Falls Train Trip, Cape Town, Garden Route & Safari
25 days Cape Town to Johannesburg self-drive
10 Day Cape Town and Mauritius Adventure Package
9 Day Cape Town and Garden Route
Cape Town, Wine and Whales
14 Day Livingstone, Cape Town & Kruger
Luxury Cape Town, Garden Route and Safari
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Ancient San Skills Tour

Experience a variety of activities traditional to the Sans people. You will be shown how they track in the veldt, fire making, crafts and hunting for food.

City Highlights

Joe’s Beerhouse for traditional Namibian Cuisine

One of the best restaurants in Namibia, Joe’s Beerhouse is inspired by the Namibian culture. One of adventure, stories and enjoying life. Serving traditional Namibian food, it’s not a spot to miss.

Daan Viljoen Nature Reserve Hike

Hike through the Daan Viljoen Nature Reseve and keep your eyes open on the lookout for wildlife, birds and big game such as giraffe, eland and more. Start the hike in the early morning and enjoy swimming in the natural pool at the end of the hike.