Location: South West of the Indian Ocean

Total Area: 2,040 sq km

Border countries: East of Madagascar

Climate: Tropical maritime climate

The Republic of Mauritius is located in the Indian Ocean off the south-eastern coast of Africa and is best known for tropical turquoise waters, pristine beaches, and colourful reefs to explore. The countries nine districts offer a variety of sights to see, including secluded beaches, Le Morne (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), the colourful dunes of the Chamarel, and the Black River Gorges Ecosystem. A destination ideal for honeymooners, families or friends travelling together, the island offers many activities and sights to enjoy.

Scuba diving & Water-sports

Surrounded by water, it’s only right that Mauritius has plenty of water activities for you to enjoy. From Parasailing to Cave Sea Kayaking. Get to adventure the world below the surface as you go with a train scuba diving guide.

Rochester Falls Hike

A wild, lush green landscape houses the Rochester Falls. Appearing in many Bollywood films the falls have become a highlight of the country. The dramatic cliff face has transformed into a jagged face by the ever running water.


Dunes of the Chamarel

A small area composed of seven sand dunes, each in different colours. The tropical weather creates a different type of rainbow comprising of violet, green, brown and reds.

Pont Bon Dieu Cave

The Pont Bon Dieu Cave are lava tubes that have made a natural bridge. The caves are home to lots of tiny passerines birds. The spot is a highlight of nature on the island.

Troux Aux Cerfs volcano

The dormant volcano, Troux aux Cerfs, is located on the outskirts of Curepipe. The lush green volcano has a crater lake and provides a majestic view of the Rempart Mountain.

Port Louis cultural tour

The capital city of Mauritius, Port Louis, is small in size yet large in character. The culture has been influenced by Indian, Chinese, French and African immigrants. Mark Twain and other famous poets have found their inspiration while travelling here.

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